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AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Testing

Did you receive a letter from USCIS, Homeland Security or a US Embassy requiring an AABB Accredited DNA Test?
The AABB accredited lab will schedule your petitioner DNA sample collections in your city at a location nearest to you and send a DNA collection kit to the USCIS or US Embassy in your home country to get the sample collection from your beneficiary. The beneficiary's sample collections will be sent back to the AABB Accredited Laboratory. When the AABB DNA Test is complete the lab will ship the DNA Test results to the Immigration office.



Why work with an AABB Accredited Lab?

  • The lab we use is the world leader in AABB Accredited DNA Testing
  • Get your results fast within two days of our AABB Accredited Laboratory receiving collection samples
  • The lab we use has over 2,500 DNA collection locations in North America
  • The AABB accredited DNA Testing laboratory we use guarantees 100% accurate results
  • The lab used does every AABB DNA test twice to guarantee accuracy
  • The lab used has performed over 1 Million AABB DNA tests
  • The lab used has 19 perfect inspections in the past 15 years

AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Testing Service - (800) 330-7219